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Yope Halberson is a Norwegian transferred student who briefly attended Third Street School. He is voiced by Pamela Hayden.


Yope is short and slender, and has blonde hair and freckles. He wears a red, white, and blue sweater, a light blue winter hat, blue jeans, and brown shoes.


Yope was a foreign exchange student who came to Third Street School in the episode "Yope from Norway". When Gus was showing him around the school, Yope began to be friends with him. Gus began making up lies to make Yope think he was the coolest kid in school, however this backfired once he said this in front of Lawson. Nevertheless, Yope remained friends with Gus. At the end of the episode, Yope went back to Norway. He is not brought up for the rest of the series.


  • He called Gus "Hot Kid".
  • He is an excellent Tetherball player, and beat Lawson in it.

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