"Even if a giant boulder has fallen down and broke your shoulder; be he friend or be he stranger, always help a kid in danger" - Motto
The Woodchuck Scouts (or The Wild, Screaming Woodchuck Scouts) are an organisation of scouts that operate nationally in the U.S.


This organisation is only ever mentioned in the episode "Beyond a Reasonable Scout.Although, Phil always has the uniform of the Woodchuck Scouts on, however, he has been without his uniform once (the episode "One Stayed Clean.")


Phil is the head scout of the chapter where he is located (that being he was the only scout before the events of "Beyond a Reasonable Scout.") It has never been confirmed where The Unnamed City actually is, or the extent of this particular chapter. However, as stated in the episode "Beyond a Reasonable Scout" it is stated that he solely makes up said chapter's numbers but, at the end of the episode, both Mikey and Gus were recruited as members.

Both Mikey and Gus have expressed interest in joining the scouts; they later joined after passing numerous trials and an e-mail to the head office regarding Phil's nonacceptance of the two into his (one-man) troop. The scouts also have three other unnamed members.

They are several other members seen (presumed nationally) when a message was being relaied to thier leader, Edmond P. Edmonton.


Edmond Edmondson is their founder and is currently in charge of the entire organisation (no other official title has been provided in the entirety of Recess.)


  • Their uniform (or regional uniform) is seen on Phil's attire in all but one episode in which he features; this episode was "One Stayed Clean".

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