I've been uploading some screenshots from the pilot version of The Break In (if anyone owns the VHS of the live-action 101 Dalmatians (NOT the DVD) (VHS released April 1997), you might know what I'm talking about, as clips of it are shown in the previews), and wanted to share my opinions on which character designs I perfer.

T.J. - He got the biggest change from his pilot design to his final design, and doesn't look anything like he does in the show in the pilot (well, he's got brown hair and freckles, but that's it). I perfer his final design; to me, he looks a bit more cute and cuddly.

Vince - I perfer his final look. He looked too much like a high school student in the pilot. He's cuter in the show.

Spinelli - I kinda like both her pilot look and final look, but her final look will always be the best to me. In the pilot, she looked like she never grew out of kindergarten.

Gretchen - Well, aside from a few coloration differences, she looks the same in the pilot as she does in the series. I kinda perfer her final look. One thing I noticed in the pilot was that she wore lipstick and bracelets. I don't know why they ditched the bracelets (maybe the artists would keep forgetting to draw them), but I'm glad they ditched the lipstick, since I'm really down on the idea of nine-year-olds wearing makeup (I see more and more girls that age wearing lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara, and it's very unsetling)

Mikey - I don't really have anything to say, since he looks pretty much the same in both. The only real differences I can find are minor and are probably just due to the pilot's animation style.

As for the other characters, Miss Finster looks the same. The Diggers look the same as well, with the sole exception of Sam's bandana being yellow. The kindergarteners looked the same to me. The only differences to these characters were the somewhat different animation style.

Randall, King Bob, Cornchip Girl, Swinger Girl, Upside-Down Girl, and Guru Kid weren't included in the preview, so I don't know what they looked like.

Any characters not listed weren't in the episode.

One thing I noticed was that the animation had a yellow tint to it, though this could just be from the VHS. Also, the group screenshot on the Recess Gang page looks kinda weird, though that comes from the time in the clip where the screenshot was taken (they're about to gasp in horror, but when they stop, a scene transition goes by)

FINAL OPINON - The regular series designs, in my honest opinion, were better. Though I would love to see the pilot if they released season sets of the show.