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    Funniest Quotes

    August 31, 2013 by Sirdylanwhittaker

    Ms. Finster: Make yourself at home... just don't touch anything.
    Weekend at Muriel's

    Spinelli: Well I guess it's all over.
    T.J.: Aw, come on Spinelli, you're overreacting.
    Spinelli: No I'm not, Vince trusted me with something really important to him and I went and lost it. Now he's gonna hate me.
    T.J.: Hey, me and the rest of the guys will still like you... we won't let you borrow our stuff but we'll still like you.
    Good Luck Charm

    Gretchen: 101% but that can't be; I only got 100%.
    Gus' Fortune

    Spinelli: I like my idea; I'm just not sure it's legal.
    Lost Leader

    Vince: Even naturals make mistakes; remember that time when I nearly struck out.
    Lost Leader

    Spinelli: Give me chocolate milk or give me death!
    Vince: Spin, are you sure you want to have another m…

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