Hi everyone today i bring you great news that maybe you already know but for the doubts. I announce that the creators of the series of Recess have said in an interview that the series could return to the small screen after 15 years of having finished incredible ¿no? but there something that worries the followers is how the prodrug  series could return as the creators have said "it could either group of children... or it can come back as if it ware next day" They conclude by saying  that "you just have to get touch with Walt Disney" and what do you think? would you like the series to come back with other characters or with same characters? in my personal opinion should return with the same characters not only because it would not be the same but also we would like to look at new aventures of Spinelli and TJ. tell me what they think about the return of series would like them to be with other characters? or with the same characters thanks for read. Note: If you read it expands the big news by the wiki or by facebook