• LuffyPirateKing

    Message Wall

    January 29, 2012 by LuffyPirateKing

    I see someone already added the 'Message Wall' to this wiki.. Should we have a talk about this first? Just leave your opinions on this blog...

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  • LuffyPirateKing

    Hey all,i'm new in here and i just realized that Recess has a wikia...Is anybody there??This place seems dead..Recess desereve a great wikia..I post it in the main talk and i'll say it here too..

    Can an admin listen me? I want to improve this wiki so much...It is hell unfinished...I want to change theme,wordmarks and etc..But only admins can do this..This wiki can turn into really good...Who is an admin in this wikia...???Does anyone knows?? It would be cool if anyone answer me...I wanna know...Thanks..

    ....Please respond..

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