• Gmwbmw44

    Lisa meets Recess

    June 16, 2018 by Gmwbmw44

    When Lisa Loud meets the Recess gang and becomes a new member.

    What would happen??

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  • Gmwbmw44

    Some of the Recess characters are a lot like the Loud siblings in the new show, the Loud House.

    Spinelli is a lot like Lana, since they're both tomboys.

    TJ is like Lincoln, since Recess centers around TJ and the Loud House centers around Lincoln.

    They are also both cute and quirky pre-teen guys.

    Vince is like Lynn, being they're both sporty.

    Gretchen is like Lisa, as they're both child prodgies who are incredible geniuses.  They both also wear glasses.                                               

    Gus is like Lily, since they're the newest members of the Recess gang and Loud House respectively.

    They are also very cute and quirky.

    Mikey is like Lucy, as they're both into poems.

    The Ashleys are a lot like Lola, being they all are bratty, prissy, and…

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