The Unnamed City is the main location for which the events of Recess take place. In "Spinelli's Masterpiece," it was revealed to be located at 80' W 40.4' N, putting it near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, this does not match the climate of the city, where it rarely snows in the winter. It has roads, as any city, including a road called Triplicate Terrace and Third Street. 13th Street School has been mentioned, referring to 13th Street. The mayor is Mayor Fitzhugh and the town has a City Council, in the City Hall. There is a news team, as well as Kelso's Corner Store, where the six main characters usually hang out. In "Prince Randall," Randall goes shopping at the Townsedge Mall, which is a mall in the city, apparently at the edge of town, judging by its name. Third Street School is located on Third Street, named after a man with the same last name. The city has always been mentioned as either a city or a town, but the name was never revealed in the series. It's possible that the city is called Grand Street, as the city's newspaper is called the Grand Steet [sic] Gazette.

Known Areas

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Street
  • St. Vitas Middle School
  • Spiro T. Agnew Middle School
  • Third Street School
  • Ms. Finster's Apartment
  • Beauty Salon
  • Podiatrist's Office
  • Grocery Store
  • Mikey's House
  • Gretchen's House
  • Vince's House
  • T.J.'s House
  • Spinelli's House
  • Gus's House
  • Red Biff Danderson Retirement Home
  • Kelso's General Store
  • Movie Theater
  • Mademoiselle Pavlova's Salon of Independent Movement
  • 13th Street School (mentioned only, never seen)
  • Townsedge Mall (possibly at the edge of the City)
  • Floppy Burger Fast Food Restaraunt
  • E. Oak Street
  • Thaddeus Mansion
  • The Adelman's House
  • Old McPherdon House
  • Doc Harbor
  • Abandon WareHouse Buildings
  • Abandon DMV
  • Abandon Old Gordon House

Known Inhabitants

  • Aerial view of a part of the City.
  • The Map of a Part of the City (The marked building is Third street School)
  • A road in the City.
  • Recess City Exit.
  • The country near the city