Tomato Surprise

Tomato surprise

First Appearance
Current Status
Continuing to be served in the Cafeteria.

Tomato Surprise is a cafeteria food that is said to be very spicy. If it ages, it develops remarkable acidic qualities. It's citric acid with and a carbon base, which is electromagnetically heated to create a synthetic compound.


It is first seen in "The Break In" where the episode opens up in the midst of it. The students complain about it, and Gretchen cites it's admirable qualities while Vince's spoon is burned away by the dish. Later, it is used to burn away a lock to the lunchroom when the gang rescues T.J.

Tomato Surprise also appears in "The Terrifying Tales of Recess". It is used by Gretchen to melt down Finster zombies in the lunchroom via the sprinkler system.

Appearance and Traits

Tomato Surprise looks merely like bubbling red soup, but it can burn through a lot of things when it ages. The gang takes advantage of this on at least one occasion to effect.


  • This was the very first thing to be shown in the series of Recess.

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