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To Finster with Love
Season 01, Episode 8 (4B)
Recess To Finster with Love
Air Date October 4, 1997
Previous First Name Ashley
Next King Gus
Written By Jeffrey Wright
From an idea of Nahnatchka Khan
Directed By Chuck Sheetz
"Do you hear music?" "Whenever I look at you."
Hank and Finster
To Finster with love is the eighth episode of the first season of Recess.


Ms. Finster is attracted to Hank the janitor, and begins dating him as a result she starts being nice to everyone, concerning the children.


When T.J. and the gang notice that Miss Finster has a crush on Hank the janitor, the gang hook them up in order for Miss Finster to leave them alone. However, after she ignores her playground duties in order to spend more time with Hank, the playground falls into chaos, and the gang have to try and break them up.


  • Animation Error: At various times in the episode, T.J.'s pupils get smaller.
  • Animation Error: Throughout the episode, many shots of the Recess Gang have them drawn with larger, thicker eyebrows.
  • Animation Error: When Vince asks Mikey how he can tell that Miss Finster has a crush on Hank, Vince is drawn with eye highlights like T.J.
  • Animation Error: When Miss Finster and Hank are dancing, Miss Finster's watch disappears for a second.
  • Animation Error: When the gang is explaining Miss Finster about the chaos in the Playground, Spinelli's head is drawn bigger than her usual head-to-body ratio.
  • Animation Error: When T.J. tells Miss Finster that she smells like his gym socks, his eye highlights are missing.
  • Animation Error: When the gang gives T.J. the go ahead to say insults to Miss Finster, Gretchen has dot eyes.


  • This is the first time it's hinted that Miss Finster is an actual teacher, as she is shown grading papers in this episode.
  • At various times in this episode, T.J.'s pupils get smaller.
  • It is revealed that T.J. weights 76 pounds.
  • A behind-the-scenes clip on the Recess: School's Out DVD shows April Winchell recording a scene in this episode.
  • The break up scene line "Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of our lives", among others, is a parody of a scene from the film Casablanca.


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