Third Street School is an elementary school located on Third Street in an unknown town and is the main setting for almost every episode of Recess. The school is named after both the street itself and the streets' namesake, Thaddeus T. Third III.

In the episode 'My Fair Gretchen' it is revealed that Third Street School is located somewhere in the state of Arkansas and maybe even the city of Little Rock, but the exact location remains unknown. Perhaps the most notable features of Third Street School are the ever present clock on the back of the main building; the playground and particularly Old Rusty, the jungle gym on which much of the story depends. Third Street School is also unique; There are many secrets hidden inside and outside the walls. It's first class was held in 1928.


  • In the Episode 'Spinelli's Masterpiece', T.J. gives Knarf the co-ordinates 40.5 N, 80 W to locate Spinelli's drawing. That puts Third Street in near Washington, PA.


  • Front View
  • Angular View
  • Back View (The playground)
  • Satellite View
  • The School back in '68
  • The School as it appeared in the first movie
  • Side View
  • School at night (Side)
  • School at night (Front)
  • (School Interior) Hallway and Class Doors.
  • Aerial view of Recess Town.
  • Map view of Recess Town.
  • Recess City Entrance.
  • Recess City Exit.
  • The view of the playground from the first movie.

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