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The Rules
Season 04, Episode 14
The Rules
Air Date November 7, 1999
Previous The Biggest Trouble Ever
Next Gus and Misdemeanors
Written By Etan Cohen and Bart Jennett
Directed By Howy Parkins

The Rules is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Recess, which was first broadcast on November 7th, 1999.


King Bob reinstates Old King Morty's rules after Vince and Lawson have a disagreement regarding who should retrieve a kickball when it lands in a dumpster. However, this soon leads to disarray on the playground.


Coming soon.


  • Oddly, "The Rules" ("Le Regole") was the name for "Tattletale Heart" in the Italian dub.
  • This episode is one of only two that credits Etan Cohen as a writer; the other being the episode "The Candidates." However, on both of these episodes he did co-write.
  • Morgan, who only appeared in this episode, was based on the winner of the Be on Recess sweepstakes, sponsored by Disney and McDonald's during the time the Recess Happy Meal Toys were out.


  • Jerome orders Slappy and Eric Foster to go and apprehend T.J., and try to do so. But in the next moment, Slappy is seen to be in the exact same place.


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