Finster-otter dance

The Otter Dance is a short song from the episode "A Great State Fair". The song is meant for Gus and Gelman to dance to when they can't make the field trip, and thus have to stay behind. Of course, Gelman does not do the dance because "[his] old man [doesn't] believe in otters."

Gus decides he wouldn't mind not dancing either, however, Miss Finster contradicts them with the fact that "children love the otter dance" and demands he cheer-up and dance the otter dance. She starts the record player again, but still, Gelman doesn't dance, while Gus does anyway.

The song was performed by April Winchell as Miss Finster.


Ahoy there, sailor,

Can you do the otter dance?

First you take your right flipper, and you slap it on your pants

Next you take your left flipper, and you catch a little fish

Then you take your little tail and you swish, swish, swish!



  • The song has become somewhat of an internet meme.

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