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The Diggers


9-10 (both of them)
Voiced By
Klee Bragger (Dave) Ryan O'Donohue (Sam)
Year of Birth
Third Street Elementary School 4th grade students
The Diggers

The Diggers are referred to as Diggers Dave and Sam who are seen always digging during Recess at Third Street School. Despite popular belief, they are not identical twins (as pointed out in the episode: Diggers Split Up where Sam has a flashback at when they first met), though they are changed to be such in a few foreign dubs.

It is revealed in Big Brother Chad that Vince's big brother Chad was the one who got Dave his first shovel.

Digger Dave is the one with the mouth guard and Digger Sam has the hankerchief as seen in the episode: Stand Up Randall . This however is the switched in the episode: The Break In .


The Diggers filling up their hole on the last day of school

Personality and Appearance

Dave often considers his way the only way to do things, and when he and Sam got into a fight, he kept lecturing the others on how to do things they already do well, even so far as to try and teach Upside-Down Girl how to hang upside down. He becomes less bossy when he and Sam get back together.

Sam can really overdo it and become desultory without Dave telling him where to dig, and when he and Dave separated, he made craters on the whole playground. When steered in the right direction, however, he can be very efficient.

Both are never seen without their eyeglasses (however in the flashback of when they first met each other in Kindergarten they were shown without their glasses for the first and only ever time), and they both wear identical outfits: baggy over-all's, yellow shirts, miner's helmets, and thick boots. To distinguish themselves, Dave wears an unsecured safety mask around his neck, and Sam wears a red neckerchief. In the Recess Pilot, both the diggers wore neckerchiefs. Sam wore a red one, whereas Dave wore an orange one. They wore white T-shirts instead of yellow.


  • In Bad Hair Day they both take their helmets off for the first time ever and they are shown to both have really long hair; however in Diggers Split Up when Dave took off his helmet his hair looked totally different; this time it was short and spiky. There's a possibility that he got a haircut before the episode. Sam also had the same hair as Dave in this episode. So it's likely that they both got a haircut before the episode.
  • The Diggers individually are named after the 1960's R&B duo Sam & Dave.
  • Dave shares the same voice actor as Randall, Ryan O'Donohue. He also played Sam for most of Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade, as Klee Bragger already had gone through puberty (though he does play him at the end of the film for a joke about his voice changing).
  • In their first appearance which was in The Break In, the Diggers accidentally ended up digging all the way to Beijing, China.
  • Even though in the first episode the Diggers end up making it to China, they still have the sign 'China or Bust' throughout the show.
  • They are in the Diggers Society.
  • In the Japanese dub, they're changed from identical best friends to twin brothers.
  • In the German dub, they're changed from identical best friends to twin brothers, although in "Diggers Split Up", they're mentioned to only be identical best friends. Later on in the series, they're changed back into twin brothers.
  • In "Diggers Split Up", the Recess Gang mention that the Diggers are identical best friends who met in kindergarten. Later, in "The Terrifying Tales of Recess", Dave mentions that they're brothers. It could be possible that one was born with a different mom, and then their dad divorced her and got married to another woman, and eventually the boys found out and moved into one house.

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