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The Break-up
Season 02, Episode 27 (14A)
The break-up
Air Date September 12, 1998
Previous Swing on Through to the Other Side
Next The Hypnotist
Written By Michael Kramer
Directed By Chuck Sheetz

The Break-up is the first episode of the second season of the series.


The Recess Gang breaks up when a report to write about their best friend prompts division as all five of the others write about T.J., prompting T.J. to realize that he has five best friends, not just one best friend.


  • Coloring error: There's one point in the episode where everything in the scene colored red becomes black. This was due to the ink & paint department running out of red ink and had to use another color.
  • Animation/lip-synching error: When Sam is talking to Gus, it's animated as Dave talking.
  • Continuity error: As soon as the gang enter the playground, Randall asks T.J. to be his friend for the assignment. However, Randall isn't in class with the gang, so he wouldn't have gotten it. There could've been a possibility that Randall's class assigned it as well.


  • This is the first episode to be animated by Plus One Animation.
  • Tubby makes his first appearance in this episode.
  • Starting with this episode, T.J. is no longer regularly drawn with eye highlights in the show. He'll continue to be drawn with them on certain merchandise, however.
  • Oddly enough, "The Break-up" ("Le Cassie-Pied") was the name of "The Pest" in the French dub.
  • This is the second non-speaking appearance of King Bob.


  • T.J. Detweiler - Ross Malinger
  • Vince LaSalle - Rickey D'Shon Collins
  • Ashley Spinelli - Pamela Segall-Adlon
  • Gretchen Grundler - Ashley Johnson
  • Mikey Blumberg/Tubby - Jason Davis
  • Gus Griswald - Courtland Mead
  • Miss Grotke - Allyce Beasley
  • Randall Weems/Kid #1 - Ryan O'Donohue
  • Sam/Guru Kid/Phil - Klee Bragger
  • King Bob's Guard - Justin Shenkarow
  • Zedd/various kindergarteners - E.G. Daily
  • Kid #2 - Francesca Smith

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