The box

The Box is a punishment invented by Finster in an episode of the same name. It also briefly appeared in the episode "League of Randalls" only with more people inside


The Box was first tested on T.J. Detweiler. At first, he wasn't particularly affected, but after only a few seconds of isolation, he cracks, and when he's finally released, he fears the box and all things square, enough so that he does everything Miss Finster tells him to do. He is sent back to the box courtesy of his friends so that he can face his fears. He does, and he goes back to his old self, leaving Finster to break down and sob over her box.

Appearance and Traits

The Box is just a square painted onto the blacktop, but it's psycological impact is astounding, especially since nobody is allowed to get within 30 yards of the Box, leaving the kid isolated.

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