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The Army-Navy Game
Season 05, Episode 05
The Army Navy Game
Air Date September 23, 2000
Previous The C Note
Next Big Ol' Mikey
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The Army-Navy Game is the fifth episode of the fifth season of Recess which was first broadcast on September 23, 2000.


When Gus' father finds out that Cornchip Girl's father is his archenemy who worked for the Navy, they aren't allowed to see each other anymore, but they decide to share a secret friendship that their fathers won't know about.


  • Cornchip Girl's first name is revealed to be Theresa.
  • This is the first time Gretchen's voice changing device is used; it'll be used again in Recess: School's Out.
  • This episode was paired up with "Beyond a Reasonable Scout" outside the US.
  • After the 9/11 attacks, this episode and the episode paired with it, "Big Ol' Mikey", did not air in reruns for the remainder of 2001. This was due to the latter episode having scenes of buildings being destroyed. While this episode had no similar content, it could not fill a thirty-minute timeslot on its' own, so it was also pulled for a while. The episode was added back to the rerun rotation in 2002.


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