Not to be confused with Teacher's Lounge.
Teachers lounge

The Teachers' Lounge, or Room 101, is a location within Third Street School that is habituated by the faculty of Third Street, including Hank the Janitor and Miss Lemon (who are not teachers.)

A teachers' lounge, also known as a staffroom in Great Britain, is a room an elementary school. middle school, or high school where teachers (and other school faculty) have their own desk through which they can prepare their lessons. This room could also be referred to as a faculty lounge in both US and Canadian universities and to common room in British independent schools.

In the television show Recess, the teachers' lounge is the centre for the episode of the same name, "Teachers Lounge;" both the activities and the visuals of the teachers' lounge where questioned in this episode. However, it is revealed (only to the viewer) that the teachers' lounge is, in fact, a utopia where the faculty staff is kept in the lap of luxury.

It is in the episode "Chez Vince;" Chef Pierre cooks for the teachers in the Teachers' Lounge. However, he is never seen in the episode "Teachers Lounge."


  • It is never explicitly stated what the "101" is meant to say; however, this is typically meant to signify that the room is on the first room on the floor of Third Street (or Third Street's administrative plans - possibly administrated by Menlo.)

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