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Swinger Girl
Background information
Feature films Recess: School's Out
Voiced By Francesca Marie Smith
Performance model
Created By Paul and Joe
Honors and awards
First Appearance The Break In
Last Appearance Recess: All Growed Down
Character information
Full name Unknown
Other names Swinger
Swinger Kid
Gender Female
Age 9-10
Date of Birth
Year of Birth 1988 (probably)
Personality Brave
Appearance A Pilot's outfit with glasses and helmets
Occupation Fourth Grade student at Third Street School
Goal To Swing over the top of the Swingset
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Allies Upside-down Girl
Likes Swinging
Dislikes Being stopped from swinging fast
"The Swinger's always up for new adventures, she loves this kind of stuff."
Mikey in The Break In
Swinger Kid/Girl is one of the minor characters from Recess.


She is always seen swinging as it is her favorite and only hobby. Her ultimate goal is to swing so high that she loops the swing set bar, but has never yet achieved it, despite Spinelli's belief to the contrary in "Swing on Thru to the Other Side". Menlo stated in "Lawson and his Crew" she is a possible possessor of even greater courage than Spinelli as she is not afraid of heights.


She wears her trademark pilot's outfit with glasses and helmets. She often appears alongside "Upside-Down Girl" and both characters make frequent cameos with occasional speaking roles. In some episodes Swinger Girl is referred to as Swinger Kid. In some episodes, Swinger Girl has either flown, fallen or been knocked off the swing several times, like in the very first episode. In the very first episode "The Break In", Swinger Girl swung off of her swing and tied a rope round a big pipe on the roof of the school allowing the kindergartners and other kids of the school to go across to get on to the roof of the building so they could all get in allowing T.J. to be freed from detention.


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