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Swinger Girl

Swinger Girl

Created By:
Paul Germain And Joe Ansolabehere
Voiced By:
Date Of Birth:
Unnamed Father, Unnamed Mother

Swinger Kid/Girl is one of the minor characters from Recess. She is always seen swinging as it is her favourite and only hobby. She wears her trademark pilot's outfit. Her ultimate goal is to swing so high that she loops the swing set bar, but has never yet achieved it, despite Spinelli's belief to the contrary in "Swing on Through to the Other Side".

She often appears alongside "Upside-Down Girl" and both characters make frequent cameos with speaking roles. In some episodes Swinger Girl is refered to as Swinger Kid. As Menlo stated in "Lawson and his Crew" she is a possible possessor of even greater courage than Spinelli as she is not afraid of heights. In some episodes, Swinger Girl has either flown, fallen or been knocked off the swing several times. In the very first episode "The Break In", Swinger Girl swung off of her swing and tied a rope round a big pipe on the roof of the school allowing the kindergarteners and other kids of the school to go across to get on to the roof of the building so they could all get in allowing T.J. to be freed from detention.


  • Swinger Girl is in Miss Grotke's class.
  • It's possible that her real name is Laura Jamison, since in "The Great Jungle Gym Standoff" Vince says "Here's where Swinger Girl laughed so hard, she swallowed her loose tooth." and later one of the parents said  "There's where Laura Jamison laughed so hard, she swallowed her loose tooth." However, it is possible that she may be referring to another kid.
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