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Stinky Peterson

Stinky Peterson is a male student who used to attend Third Street School sometime before the series began. His eventual fate, and activities during his time at the school have become urban legends.

The Recess Gang usually use Stinky as an urban legend to warn people against doing things that Stinky has said to have done which either caused him to disappear, have bad luck or leave the school. Stinky is a boy who gets terrible luck, supposedly because he usually meddles with unknown powers which results in people to "never see Stinky Peterson again...".

In the episode "My Fair Gretchen" it is revealed that he went to Oppenheimer Elementary School after scoring exceedingly well at the "Arkansas Standard Achievement Test". Nevertheless, he is spotted within school premises after this, in the episode "The Fuss Over Finster" and "Kindergarten Derby".

In "Gus' Fortune", Stinky Peterson picked up a random Fortune Teller. Stinky tried it out and "they never saw him again".

The Legends

  • In "My Fair Gretchen" T.J. tells the story of how Stinky, a smart kid just like Gretchen who burned through his test so fast that everyone was sure he'd aced it however two days later he gets dragged out of class by Miss Lemon who took him to the principles office and he was never seen again. Gretchen says that some kids say that Stinky did so poorly that he was sent all the way back to Kindergarten. (The reality is that he got transferred to a special school for aceing the test.)


  • Stinky has the same name as Hey Arnold! character Stinky Peterson.

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