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SAL 3000 was Third Street's new clock and bell system installed in "Schoolworld" because Spinelli broke the original clock. Originally SAL 3000 was a friend to the students. But once Gretchen said technology was man's best friend he said "Thank you Student Gr-gr-Grundler," showing the first sign of malfunction. Once SAL 3000 was shut down Prickly said he wanted the new SAL 4000 when it came out in 18 months. In the episode " The Terrifying Tales of Recess," it is revealed that Third Street got the new SAL 4000 upgrade. SAL turned evil after his first malfunction.

SAL School

Malfunctional Things SAL Did

  • Fired Principal Prickly and all the staff.
  • Locked Gus out of the school after he came from the bathroom at 10:46.
  • Shut off the water for Mikey and soaked him with it.
  • Locked the principal's door and window.
  • Locked the staff in the office.
  • Rang the tone 4 minutes before recess ended, and locked many kids.
  • Called Gretchen Grundler, the smartest girl at Third Street School, dumb.
  • Eavesdropped on the gang's talk about him.
  • Over-inflated Vince's ball, causing it and the air inflation arm to explode.. 
  • Forced Swinger Girl to stop swinging.
  • Made the Diggers fill in their hole.
  • Dethroned King Bob.
  • Forced Guru Kid to put on his shirt


  • Cooling the water from the Water Cooler.
  • Distributing playground balls to students.
  • Filling the playground balls with air if necessary.
  • Being accurate to a millionth of a second.
  • Having AI and responding to the Students.
  • Ability to directly contact parents.
  • Teach in class like a regular teacher.


  • Sal 3000 is a parody of the computer, Hal 9000, from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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