This article outlines what kinds of images can be used on the wiki.


Please name image files like this:

  • Gretchen.jpg
  • The Experiment.png
  • Miss Grotke.jpg

Please don't use a weird name, such as:

  • fhafiuahfihi.jpg
  • Aehaiuwrh.png
  • awheswhto3wu902q.jpg

These files can be mistaken for spammy names. Decent quality images are preferred over very low-resolution images or bad quality images such as photos taken off a television or computer screen. Images taken from YouTube usually aren't as high-quality as downloaded episodes, but they're accepted, usually if there's no other way to get the image. Both fanart and image manipulations are not allowed on page images. You are free to use fanart on your user page only, but only if it's clean. Please only post images relating to the page you're editing. Do not post images of voice actors on a character's page; that image goes on the voice actor's page.

Character page images

For the main image for a character, get a picture of him or her in character. Don't get a shot of him or her in a group shot. For example, the main image for Ashley Armbruster's page should just be a picture of her, not her with the entire clique. Also, please don't use screenshots when the character is in the middle of blinking, is drawn/colored off-model, or wearing a different outfit than usual. Also, do not use prototype designs for characters for their main image; include it elswhere on the page. A Clip art/promotional artwork of any character is appreciated. 

Episode page images

Images for the episodes should only be relevant to the plot. For example, a screenshot from "The Box" should show T.J. in the box. An image not to be used would be the main six having a conversation or a group shot of all the kids watching.

Cast page images

For images of cast members, try to use the most recent picture you can find of them. Do not use a screenshot of them in another television show or movie they were in. For example, a picture of Andrew Lawrence should be a more recent photo of him, not a picture of him from 1998, or a screenshot of him in Horse Sense.

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