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Format Comedy
Network Disney
Run Sep 13, 1997 – Nov 5, 2004
Broadcast Infomation
Seasons 6
Episode # 128 (if broken up. If they are not broken up, it would be 65)
Status Cancelled
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Recess (Also known as Disney's Recess) is an American animated television series that was created by Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere, and produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. The series focuses on six elementary school students and their interaction with other classmates and teachers.


Recess portrays the lives of six fourth graders as they go about their daily lives in a highly clichéd school environment. The students of Third Street School have set up a microcosm of traditional human society complete with its own government, class system, and set of unwritten laws. They are ruled by a monarch, King Bob, who has various enforcers to make sure his decrees are carried out. The little society has a long list of rigid values and social norms that imposes a high expectation of conformity upon all the students.


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Broadcast history

Recess aired its first episode as a sneek peek in primetime on ABC on August 31, 1997 (In certain markets, as some areas were still airing news coverage about Princess Diana's death), and made its true debut on September 13, 1997, as part of the premiere of Disney's One Saturday Morning. Originally scheduled to premiere September 6, it was delayed due to ABC covering Princess Diana's funeral. The show took the timeslots of Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series (Also produced by Disney) and The Oz Kids. On September 12, 1999, Disney's One Too debuted on UPN and in syndication, and Recess aired episodes of it's fourth season there and reruning previous episodes (Season Three would run on ABC as usual). The show aired its new episodes until November 5, 2001. Reruns continued to play on ABC, even after One Saturday Morning ended and was replaced by ABC Kids until Fall 2004, where it was replaced by Fillmore!. Recess would sometimes be re-ran after that, but usually for a month.

Starting in 2003, Recess began airing reruns on Disney Channel. Reruns continued until 2005, but returned in 2008, usually in early morning timeslots. Reruns on the channel ended in 2010.

In 2003, the show began airing on Toon Disney in reruns, and continued to air even after the switch to Disney XD, although starting in 2007 on Toon Disney (And later Disney XD), the show was aired while the target audience would be at school. Reruns came to a halt in 2010, and resumed briefly in October 2011, and then was removed after four airings.

Disney has announced that Recess will be rerun again, though they're deciding on whether it should be on Disney Channel or Disney XD. Many fans believe it will run on the latter. The show continues to air in many international markets.

Only "The Break In", "The New Kid", "The Legend of Big Kid", "The Great Can Drive", "The Challenge", "Wild Child", "The Story of Whomps", "Weekend at Muriel's", "Principal For a Day", "One Stayed Clean", and "Kindergarten Derby" have been released on video and DVD, with "The Break In", "The New Kid", "The Challenge", "The Story of Whomps", and "One Stayed Clean" only on DVD. The entire series is availible on Germany's iTunes service.


The show was considered one of the most popular shows on Disney's One Saturday Morning, and was popular with children, teenagers, and adults. The show received critical acclaim while it was on the air. In 1998, became part of the Academy of Television Arts & Science's FCC Honor Roll. It was the only show from One Saturday Morning's initial airing to air for the entire majority of the block's time on the air, and into the first two years of ABC Kids. Due to it's popularity, it was often shown twice on the block.

For a while, Recess was the highest rated Saturday morning program in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with ratings higher than Animaniacs, Pokemon (The WB!), and Power Rangers (Fox), and one of ABC's highest rated programs. It was also the third highest rated animated program in the late '90s, only behind King of the Hill and The Simpsons, which shared some of the same artists and writers.

Since the show's premiere, Recess had a strong cult following among adults, ranging from the parents of the target audience to adults without children. ABC took note of this, and often aired commercials for Recess during late night news broadcasts or more adult-oriented programming. Recess was also often advertised on billboards and bus posters, some for ABC in general; others only for Recess.


While not being as merchandise heavy as Disney's Doug or Winnie the Pooh, Recess had a fair amount of merchandise, most of it being exclusive to The Disney Store. McDonald's gave out Happy Meal toys of the Recess Gang and Miss Finster in December 1998 to January 1999. Two sets of stuffed dolls of the Recess Gang were produced. One set in 1998 was made by Mattel, and was sold at Toys "R" Us, Walmart, KB Toys, Target, and K Mart. Another set was made in 1999 by Disney Consumer Products, and was sold at The Disney Store. The Mattel ones had vinyl heads, while the Disney ones were all plush. Other pieces of merchandise included clothes, watches and clocks, lunchboxes, backpacks, books, puzzles, birthday party supplies, and coffee mugs. A stamp set of the show was released in 2006, five years after the show ended production.

Live-Action Movie

In 2006, rumors began circulating on the internet of a live-action movie based on the television series. These rumors were de-bunked soon after they began to circulate. Disney currently has no plans to ever make a live-action movie of Recess in the near future.

References in other media

  • In the Filmore! episode "Electric Hair Cut", Spinelli can be seen in the background of one scene. Both shows were produced by Disney Television Animation.
  • In The Xs episode "A Truman Scorned", Truman's crush, Kimla, looks identical to Gretchen Grundler, and is even voiced by her voice actress, Ashley Johnson.
  • In Mr. Meaty, the snobby girls are named Ashley, similar to The Ashleys.
  • In the Pound Puppies (2010) episode, "Mutternal Instincts", Olaf mentions calling up Third Street School. Both shows were created by Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere
  • In the Burn Notice episode "Down and Out", the fake ID Sam is given as his aliases is "Randy Weems". He asks what kind of name it is, and his response is that it's the name of a sniveling little tattletale, referencing Randall J. Weems.


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