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Randall J. Weems


Voiced By
Ryan O'Donohue
Year of Birth
Resident Snitch, Miss Finster's Teacher's Pet
Third Street Elementary School student
Leonard Weems (Father) Unnamed mother
Lawson's Crew (Temporarily), Menlo and Scribe Kid
First Appearance
Last Appearance

"Hey, Let me play or I'll make up something to tell Miss Finster on you!"
Randall in Wild Child

Randall J. Weems is the snitch of Third Street. He has a few episodes based around him, including Randall's Friends, Randall's Reform, and Prince Randall. He is in fourth grade and is most of the time with Ms. Finster or spying for her. It is also hinted, in the episode "Randall's Friends", that he has a crush on Spinelli.

Randall is the most unpopular kid in school for his snitch ways. Resulting in him being banned from the Fifth and Sixth Graders' Club He desperately wants to be accepted but won't stop snitching since he has a friendship with Ms. Finster. He also has a standard for snitching, as their are certain things he won't tell on you for. He's voiced by Ryan O'Donohue.


  • Possible other friends of Randall are Barry and Scribe Kid as they, along with Menlo, were all on the same football team in Soccer Boy and were together at Menlo's Birthday Party in Some Friend.
  • In Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade he was the only 5th/6th grader banned from the Fifth and Sixth Graders Club.
  • Randall shares the same voice actor as Digger Dave.
  • In The Madness of King Bob he is mistakenly referred to as Randall C. Weems rather than Randall J. Weems (although this may just be a mistake on the part of Hustler Kid).
  • In Lawson and his Crew Randall was the Gus in Lawson's crew.
  • Randall appears to be in various classes with little consistency between episodes.
  • Randall has a very similar resemblance to bartender Moe Syzlack from The Simpsons.
  • He sometimes can be an antagonist to T.J. and the gang for example he took over the playground with Menlo in "Partners in Crime".
  • He also can have the same personally as Moe in the Simpsons and Randall from Monsters Inc.
  • He is left-handed.


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