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Operation Stuart
Season 02, Episode 15
Mikey Keeps the Cat Out of Trouble
Air Date November 14th, 1998
Previous Copycat Kid
Next Pharaoh Bob
Written By Katy Ballard
Directed By Chuck Sheetz

Operation Stuart is the fifteen episode of the second season of Recess, which was first broadcast on November 14th, 1998.


Mikey rescues Stuart, a stray cat, who wreaks havoc at Third Street School. When the gang loses Stuart, he is found by the Ashleys, thus starting a fight between the two groups over ownership of the cat.


Coming soon.


  • The two men from animal control resemble Horace and Jasper Baddun from One Hundred and One Dalmatians.
  • This episode is similar to the Doug episode "Doug's Fat Cat", where Doug has to take care of Roger's pet cat, Stinky, to find out "he" is a "she" after having kittens.
  • This episode was part of a special "Stuart-themed" Disney's One Saturday Morning block, where all three main shows from the block premiered episodes with a character named "Stuart" in them. Aside from "Operation Stuart", Disney's Doug had "Quailman vs. The Annoying S.T.U.A.R.T.", while Pepper Ann had "Presenting Stewart Waldinger/Pepper Ann's Life in a Nutshell".
  • This was the only episode written by Katy Ballard.


  • T.J. Detweiler - Andrew Lawrence
  • Vince LaSalle - Rickey D'Shon Collins
  • Ashley Spinelli/Kindergartener #2 - Pamela Segall-Adlon
  • Gretchen Grundler - Ashley Johnson
  • Mikey Blumberg/Tubby/Kid #1 - Jason Davis
  • Gus Griswald - Courtland Mead
  • Miss Finster - April Winchell
  • Miss Grotke - Allyce Beasley
  • Principal Prickly - Dabney Coleman
  • Guru Kid/Sam - Klee Bragger
  • Dave - Ryan O'Donohue
  • Captain Sticky/Kindergartener #1 - E.G. Daily
  • Ashley Armbruster - Anndi McAfee
  • Ashley Boulet - Francesca Smith
  • Ashley Quinlan - Rachel Crane
  • Hustler Kid - Michael Shulman
  • Hank - Paul Dooley
  • Miss Lemon - Tress MacNeille
  • Stuart/Kittens - Frank Welker
  • Animal Control Member - Gregg Berger

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