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Officer Mikey
Season 01, Episode 6 (3B)
Officer Mikey
Air Date September 27, 1997
Previous Jinxed
Next First Name Ashley
Written By Lesa Kite
Directed By Chuck Sheetz

Officer Mikey is the sixth episode of the first season of Recess, which was broadcast on September 27th, 1997.


After witnessing a demonstration on the safety rangers, Mikey wants to become one - only to be told no. The gang decides to find a loop-hole and make him one.


After watching a presentation of the safety rangers in his class, Mikey really wants to become one of them. But Brad won't let him be one. Now the gang tries to make him one, by running through the playground asking for favors. In the end, Mikey joined the safety rangers, but he quitted because he had to get up early and miss breakfast and it had to rain, and when he tried stop those kids from skateboarding they spat at him. Now he has a new dream, he wants to be a jet pilot. As he was finished talking he notices the gang left.


  • Coloring error: When Ashley B. is telling the gang about Brittany A., her eyebrows are black. After the gang says they're going to get her diary back, her eyebrows are blonde.
  • Animation error: When it rains, it's still shown to be sunny out.


  • Brad, Menlo, and the Brittanys, the younger sisters of the Ashleys, debut in this episode.
  • The Brittany's continue to appear in the series, but are no longer referred to by name.
  • The only Brittany with a solo speaking role is Brittany A.
  • This was the final episode written by Lesa Kite.


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