No More School was the first episode of Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade.


The first episode begins with the Recess gang starting the fifth grade. At first thought to be the best year ever, they soon discovered otherwise. First, Ms. Finster becomes the fifth grade teacher instead of the desired Mrs. Milkie, who had transferred. This is combined with their lockers being taken away, the cafeteria food being substandard, and the playground being removed.

In response to these atrocities, T.J. goes to see Principal Prickly, who says that he couldn't do anything because it was the school board's policy. Consequently, T.J. claims that he would stay in his room and never go to school again. Word soon gets out, compelling every student at Third Street to gather at T.J.'s house. Prickly tries to compel T.J. to come down, but the school board finds out and dispatches Mr. White (from the episode "The Story of Whomps").

Mr. White claims that he will allow T.J. to remain in his room, but promises that his friends will suffer for it. T.J. then seemingly concedes, allowing Mr. White in his room, only to find that T.J. climbed on top of the roof. Unfortunately, T.J. almost falls off the roof, but Prickly saves him. It is then that Prickly decides to join T.J.'s protest, admitting that he too hated the policies.

Amazed to see that Prickly is standing up for T.J., the board members find out that they too hated the policies, but they were just things that each of them was too afraid to stand up to. Realizing their mistake, the board members vote to alleviate the policies for good, much to the dismay of Mr. White, having been beaten by a kid a second time. Afterwards, things at Third Street are returned to normal, aside from having Ms. Finster as a teacher.


  • When the Board of Education walk through the crowd of kids, Gordy dissapears for a frame.
  • This is Miss Grotke's first appearance since The Terrifying Tales of Recess.
  • When the kindergarteners leave to help T.J., it's shown that they're the same kindergarteners from the year prior.
  • This is the second appearance of Mr. White, who originally appeared in "The Story of Whomps ".
  • This the first time that the recess gang is in fifth grade.