Myles David Jeffrey (born October 5th, 1990) is an American producer, comedian and former film/television actor and a voice actor who was the best known for playing Henry Paget on Early Edition and voiced George in Stuart Little: The Animated Series, on which he was a series regular. He appeared in Face/Off and The Odd Couple II. He then attended University of California, Los Angeles as an English Major.

He was the third voice of T.J. Detweiler in the television show Recess, replacing Andrew Lawrence due to his voice changing between his last appearance in 2001. He voiced T.J. in both Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade and Recess: All Growed Down; they movies were made in 2003. He was the youngest cast member in the entire franchise, being twelve when recording began for Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade in 2002.

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