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Muriel P. Finster


Created By:
Paul Germain And Joe Ansolabehere
Voiced By:
April Winchell

Ms. Muriel P. Finster (voiced by April Winchell) is an assistant teacher who is the children's constant nemesis on the playground, and is the main antagonist (and sometimes an anti-hero) of the series. She also serves as the tritagonist of the first movie.


Miss Finster is of German descent. Archetypal authoritarian teacher personality, Miss Finster has a strong desire for a school in which children aren't allowed to have fun or act like children. She is feared by all the children, and is always closely followed by her teacher's pet, the equally nefarious Randall J. Weems, who is also largely disliked by the other students. Her disposition plays an important part in maintaining stability within the society of the playground providing a common enemy for the children of Third Street, as shown in the times when she is not fufilling her duties and the playground devolves into a war zone.

Despite her love of harsh punishments, even she has a limit to how far things should go. Such as being visibly shocked when she hears they plan to split them up and send them to different schools.

Despite her authoritarian nature she has shown to be a deeper and kinder person at times. Outside school she has shown to be friendly, fun and supportive of others as shown with several interactions with the gang outside of school.

During her early years as a teacher Murial was actually slim and attractive, though she still had the exact same gritty voice. She also had a softer approach to teaching for all those years up until she taught 'The gang' in Kindergarden were she had managed to get them to behave, until Gus Griswald managed to get the class to act like tribal children again.

Despite her age, Finster is an accomplished fighter and is generally in excellent physical condition, demonstrated on a number of occasions.


In terms of inter-personal relationships, Miss Finster has been shown to have a crush on the school's janitor, Hank and is friends with Spinelli 's parents. One weekend, Spinelli slept at Miss Finster, because Spinellis parents were at a conference. There are even moments where Miss Finster gives advice to Spinelli when she's in trouble. Of particular note is that she used to have a much sunnier disposition and throughout the series glimpses of this are seen with occasional references to her experiences in Guam.

She did at one point in the sixties have a relationship with Phillium Benedict , but broke up with him after he tried to cancel recess.

Principal Prickly is Miss Finster's best friend. Analogy - Finster is to Randall as Prickly is to Finster.

Randall is Ms. Finster's assistant and does her dirty work.


  • Ms. Finster had a broken hip and phlebitis in 1983.
  • Ms. Finster tries to hide her secret friendship between her and the Recess Gang.
  • Her surname "Finster" is the German word for "sinister."
  • Her surname "Finster" also rhyme with "spinster" which means "an unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage." Many spinsters are often potray as very mean, probably due to the fact that they aren't married. This describe Ms. Finster well. She's not married, even though she briefly dated Hank, the janitor. With her gray hair, it may imply she's at least 40 something, past the usual age when women do married. And also, she's also mean to the Recess gang.

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