"He was the coolest kid to ever play on this hollow grass. He was my idle, my inspiration, my guiding light, and I shook his hand"
T.J. about Franklin
Franklin "The Dude" Dudikoff was a former student of Third Street School.


He was regarded by the kids as a legend, becoming the playground king in the third grade and pranked Miss Finster by writing an insult in wet cement besides her footprint. He also led a revolt in the cafeteria against what they used to call "Tuesday Surprise".


He has spiky brown hair, black eyes and wears a brown coat, red tie, light-blue shirt and dark-blue trousers. As a student teacher he was unconfident, reading only from a book, that is until the kids reminded him of who he used to be. Unfortunately that was even worse as he only had them playing. Eventually he learned to combine both his serious teacher personality and his playful side, and taught the kids their lessons in a fun way. Although not mentioned in the episode, it's obvious that he is extremely attractive, fitting the cliche of a "Hot Teacher"


  • Frank Dudikoff's voice actor Joey Lawrence is the older brother of Andrew Lawrence, T.J.'s second voice actor.
  • Like T.J.'s phrase "Tender", he has a phrase "Supple".
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