Mademoiselle Pavlova's Salon of Independent Movement is at least a two-storey building located somewhere in the Unnamed City; Mademoiselle Pavlova is, presumably, the proprietor and does seemingly be the sole dance teacher present.

It is a dance studio; this small business is only shown to have a hand-full of students. It is only shown in the episode "Dance Lessons." In this episode, Spinelli is forced to take dance lessons by her Mother. Unbeknownst to her, Mikey is already a prospective student (and has been for years.)

There are four other students that are seen in this episode, The Megans (a reference and an incredible likeness to The Ashleys.)


The building itself has a modern appearance; it has a sign states its name. It stands at least two-storeys tall, has uniformed windows, and triangles with wholes as a decoration.


This building only ever appears in the episode "Dance Lessons."


  • If the mirror is to be believed, the Megans each have a younger brother and a younger sister with the same name as their respected equals.