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Character information

Library Kid

Real Name:
Library Kid
Third Street School fourth grade student
The librarians
The kindergarteners
Unnamed parents
First Appearance:
Voiced By:

Library Kid is a student attending Third Street School , who spends her time in the library.


Library Kid is short and skinny with pale skin and square magenta glasses. She has medium-length reddish-brown hair, a grey t-shirt, a purple skirt, and black shoes. Like Gus, she's drawn with the black bead eye style. When Gus pulled the book out he saw a white eye with a black pupil staring at him, which was the Library Kid's eye.


Library Kid is a timid and intelligent girl who spends all her time in the library.

During her Kindergarten years, unlike the tribal behaviour they usually display she was a quiet and well demenoured. When she began attending Third Street School, she was so frightened by the kindergarteners' behavior, that she hid in the library. She ended up staying there all day during school hours, until she was approached by the Recess Gang who thought her a 'wild child' until she addressed she could speak multiple languages. When they introduced her to recess, she began to go crazy due to her excitement of being outside, to the point where they had to bring her back into the library. She seems to look up to Gretchen as a big sister.

The only time she's shown outside the library again is in "Lawson and his Crew ".


  • It's unknown whether Library Kid spends even class time in the library or just during free time.
  • Library Kid's real name has never been revealed.

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