Lawson's Crew
Lawson's Crew-0
Team Information
Founded: In the episode Lawson and his Crew
Leader: Erwin Lawson
Members: Erwin Lawson, Randall Weems, Greg Skeens, Swinger Girl, Kurst the Worst and Menlo
Base of Operations: Pulling Pranks
Maintaining Order in the playground
Helping Kids
Occupation: Fifth/Fourth Grade Students at Third Street School
"I got a crew of my own now, and we can do everything you guys could do, and more!"
Lawson in Lawson and his Crew
In the 20-minute special episode "Lawson and his Crew", Lawson organized his own crew after being jealous of T.J. and the Recess Gang making things better, getting all the glory and getting rewards from King Bob. His crew was another version of the Recess Gang. Lawson's crew, however, became better than the gang and took care of everything first, so then they ended up getting all the glory, took care of all the problems and made everything better. The Recess Gang, though, did not really care about glory; they were just happy being friends, and being friends was the only thing the gang had that Lawson and his crew did not. Because Lawson and his crew were only team members and not friends, they did not remain a crew permanently. Eventually Lawson's crew dissolved and Lawson went back to hanging out with his two friends, Jocko and Cheay, as he thought, "Maybe a kid needs friends more then glory".


  • Earwin Lawson - The leader of the crew the one in charge and the "T.J." of the crew.
  • Swinger Girl - The "Spinelli" of the crew who is possible possessor of even greater courage than Spinelli. (She isn't afraid of heights)
  • Kurst the Worst - The "Mikey" of the crew. When it comes to shear balanced and eating abilities, she is more than a match for Mikey.
  • Greg Skeens - The "Vince" of the crew. He's in charge of thinking up bad stuff before anyone can do it, and when he's chased, he's even faster than Vince,
  • Randall J. Weems - The "Gus" of the crew is the eyes and ears of the crew for on the playground and is considered more valuable then Gus.
  • Menlo - The "Gretchen" of the crew. While he's no Gretchen in the classroom or in the lab, he matches his single minded organization abilities against anyone else's.