"Hmm... The name sort of rings a bell. This him?"
― to T.J.

Larry 'Lupin' Rogan is a one-shot character in Disney's Recess. He is a retiree at an Old Folks' Home located somewhere in the Unnamed City. He met T.J. when Mikey pressured him into going there in lieu of going to the Señor Fusion festival.

He is the creator of the Mexican-style superhero Señor Fusion; however, he originally dubbed the character Señor Electricity. He only ever appears in the episode "Old Folks' Home" and is voiced by Gregg Berger.

Appearance and Personality

Rogan has two forms: one in the present day and one during WWII. In the present day, he has grey facial hair (including a mustache) and is visibly bald.

He has circular eyes, a pointy-out nose, and a sculpted chin. He also wears a blue shirt, brown checkered trousers, dark green high-tops, and a grey cap.

During WWII, he sported a look much like T.J.'s. He wore a green jacket, a backwards, red sailor cap, and blue jeans.


Rogan has served in WWII and had subsequently been detained at a POW camp in Germany with a group of fellow POWs that look almost identical to the Gang (with Rogan looking like T.J.) and under a Commandant that looks almost identical to Prickly.

The Commandant also has a name exactly like Prickly's; there is a also a subordinate of the Commandant's with a name like Miss Finster's.

Either before or after his military career, he had become a comic book mogul. Inventing and writing his own comic books, Señor Fusion amongst them. From his skill drawing Señor Fusion, it is safe to conclude that he was also the artist of said book.


  • His POW group was a mirror of the Gang, in fact, he is widely perceived to be a mirror of T.J.
    • They were also a clear reference to the characters from "Hogan's heroes.
  • Despite being the creator of Señor Fusion, he was not at the festival. This could be a reference to how certain Golden Age comic creators have been forgotten by publishing companies, and garner little respect by them.


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