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Lance, better known as Lance the Pants, is a student at Third Street School. He only appears in The A.V. Kid.


He is shown to be a typical nerd, with glasses, reddish brown curly hair, a tucked in pink shirt, jeans with belt, blue socks, brown and white shoes and a blue tie. He is tall and skinny.


Lance the Pants is shown to be the school nerd, in both his appearance and mannerisms. He was a finalist to become the next A.V. Kid, along with T.J. and Vince. Lance wins and becomes the new A.V. Kid despite T.J and Vince succeding in the final task while Lance failed miserably. The previous A.V. Kid explained that while they did suceed. Lance won because the A.V. Kid is a solitary job with no time for friends, and they must solve problems by themselves.


  • He only appears in "The A.V. Kid", and is never seen nor mentioned again.

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