Kurst the Worst

Kirsten "Kurst the Worst" Kurst is a recurring character in Recess. She is voiced by Mayim Bialik.


She carries the persona of a bully throughout the series. She is fat, quite short, wears a red shirt with a yellow star which is too small for her, as it doesn't cover her belly button, blue shorts, red and white sneakers and has very curly orange hair.


She is portrayed as the worst kid in the school. She is commonly found stealing food from the cafeteria. It is stated that she can eat more than even Mikey. She is a bully and is generally disliked of people don't like her.


In the episode "Soccer Boy," she made a cameo as a football player, where she was seen jumping on Mikey, tackling him. In the episode "Lawson and His Crew," she performed a ballet dance with Randall similar to that of Mikey and Spinelli in the episode "Dance Lessons."

She is friends with Mikey in the episode "Kurst the Not So Bad." Mikey has a bonding with Kurst. She is aggressive and doesn't care about anything but food. Her quote in the episode "Kurst the Not So Bad" is "...had it coming."

In the movie "Recess: School's Out," Kurst goes to the wrestling camp with Spinelli and Hustler Kid. As such, she is later seen in the liberation party for Third Street.