King Freddy II is the playground king for the 1998-1999 school year at Third Street School, and is King Bob's successor. His voice was provided for by Warren Sroka.


King Freddy is tall and slender. He has tan skin, slanted eyes, black hair, and wears a light green polo shirt, dark green pants, black sneakers, and after becoming king, a yellow crown-shaped baseball hat with a blue "F" on it. He is of Filipino descent.


Before becoming King, Freddy was only a background character. At the beginning of Recess: School's Out, King Bob crowns him king of the playground, as he's graduating that year.

King Freddy is shown to be bossy, and unlike King Bob, he was not a fair ruler. He often came up with cruel, harsh punishments for the kids, however his guards (and at one point, King Bob himself) had to tell him to lay it a little easier.

In Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade, he is only seen in "Grade Five Club".


  • King Freddy was once shown in King Bob's class in "Pharaoh Bob", sleeping with headphones on, however, he is a year younger than his predecessor. This may or may not be considered a continuity error, as the episode was being made before Recess: School's Out was greenlit. He was also seen in a line in "Omega Kids". However, it is also possible that he flunked a year.
  • He is far more strict than King Bob. He also has sent Phil for a timeout just for saying a bad word.
  • His namesake, King Freddy, used to rule the playground in the past. This is obvious because his name is King Freddy II.
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