Jerome is one of King Bob's servants (or "lackeies") and a student at Third Street School. He and fellow servant Jordan are typically partnered together. He is voiced by Justin Shenkarow.

He is a sixth grader and is fairly slender, unlike his partner, Jordan. He wears a white t-shirt with a red jumper and blue jeans. He has fairly auburn hair. He is loyal to whoever holds the kingship of the playground, however, he does flee, along side Jordan, in the episode "King Gus."


He makes his first appearance, along side that of Jordan, in the episode "King Gus." His, along with his partner Jordan's, actions in the episode suggest that they are sycophants (or "yes-men".)

In the episode "The Rules," he is also showed to act like a tyrant, along with Jordan, whenever getting a bit too much power. He is, after all, acting under King Bob's instruction.

In the episode "The Madness of King Bob," he and his partner and forced to stall the playground's judicial system - with King Bob acting as judge, jury, and executioner - until a point where Bob returns. Moreover, he can be seen with others doing Bob's homework whilst he's developing his master plan to get back at T.J.



Jordan is almost always seen or otherwise partnered with Jordan; they work together for King Bob. Scenes of them together hint that the two are friends as well, most likely best friends.

King Bob:

Jerome works for King Bob and can often be seen at his side. It is likely that he and Jordan are his right hand. Jerome seems to respect his boss a lot and does everything he says. The two may sometimes show some friendship, but it is unknown if they are actual friends in any kind of shorts.

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