Jason Marsden is an American voice actor who voiced James Stone in the Recess episode "The Spy Who Came In from the Playground".

He is famous for voicing Kovu in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Max Goof in A Goofy Movie, An Extremely Goofy Movie, House of Mouse, and Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, King Louie and Shere Khan in Jungle Cubs, Garret Miller in Extreme Ghostbusters, Danger Duck in Loonatics Unleashed, Chester McBadbat in The Fairly Oddparents (From season three onwards), and Tino Tonitini in The Weekenders just to name a few.

Characters played


  • He started doing voice work for Disney because he has always been a fan of Disney films.
  • He and Ryan O'Donohue, the voice of Randall Weems, both starred in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, playing the same character. Ryan O'Donohue played Kovu as a cub, while Jason Marsden voiced Kovu as an adult.