Hank the Janitor

Recess Hank

Janitor at the Third Street School
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voiced By
John Astin

Hank is a minor, recurring character, who is the Third Street School janitor and repair man in Recess. He is voiced by John Astin.

Despite his menial job, Hank is actually a mathematical genius surpassing even Gretchen. However, he prefers to treat it exclusively as a hobby (this is seen in the episode "A Genius Among Us", which has a plot resembling that of the film Good Will Hunting). In the episode "To Finster with Love," Hank and Ms. Finster fall in love with each other and date for a brief period before mutually agreeing on parting ways - on good terms - as they thought it was separating them from their jobs at the school.


  • In the episode "The Barnaby Boys," he was absent, it was stated that Hank had won a trip to Bermuda. This may have been the work of Raymond (the criminal who stole the head of Jefferson some years before and who posed as the new cover janitor during that episode.)
  • He was substituted by Earl Ramen.

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