5th and 6th graders club
The Fifth and Sixth Graders' Club refers to the second episode of Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade, a direct-to-video animated film featuring the Recess Gang in the fifth grade.


In the second episode of the movie, the gang is introduced to the Fifth and Sixth Graders' Club, where both grades can cooperate. At first T.J. and the gang think that they are going to like it (in part because Randall is banned for being a snitch), but they soon find their enthusiasm fading.

However, Mikey and Gus still like to hang out with the other fifth graders. T.J., Spinelli, Gretchen, and Vince begin to lose patience with the general negative attitude the club encourages towards younger students. In response, they get King Bob (the former King) to sneak them into the Fifth and Sixth Graders' Club before everyone else arrives. But T.J. and the gang bring along two first graders, Tubby and Hector, who were Mikey and Gus's respective friends.

Whilst harmony is restored their actions are not without consequence as King Freddy bans them from the Fifth and Sixth Graders' Club.


  • This is the only episode that features characters that move up a grade besides the 5th:
    • Ex-Kindegarteners Hector and Tubby are shown to have moved to the First Grade.  They now dress in "normal" attire, no longer have paint on their faces, and have slicked back hair.
    • King Bob has now moved on to the Seventh Grade, and is no longer King, as shown near the beginning of Recess: School's Out.
  • The recess gang is in fifth grade.
  • Lawson and his friends are in sixth grade.

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