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Germ Warfare
Season 04, Episode 36
Germ warfare
Air Date February 29, 2000
Previous Fort Tender
Next More Like Gretchen
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"Germ Warfare" is the thirty sixth episode of the fourth season of Recess which was first broadcast on February 29, 2000.


Gus and Mikey are at war after Gretchen catches a cold.


  • This episode marks the first time a member of the gang is shown sick from school for a majority of the episode, this one being Gretchen. T.J. was mentioned to be sick for a week at the beginning of "Economics of Recess", however this was before the events of the episode.
  • This is the only episode when Mikey hits somebody on purpose.
  • This episode was cut in the Italian dub.
  • This episode shares the same title as an episode of Dinosaurs, also produced by Walt Disney Television.
  • This episode is similar to the Hey Arnold! episode, "Sid and Germs."


  • T.J. Detweiler - Andrew Lawrence
  • Vince LaSalle - Rickey D'Shon Colins
  • Ashley Spinelli - Pamela Segall-Adlon
  • Gretchen Grundler/Ashley Tomassia - Ashley Johnson
  • Mikey Blumberg - Jason Davis
  • Gus Griswald - Courtland Mead
  • Miss Finster - April Winchell
  • Ashley Armbruster/Kid #3/Kid #5 - Anndi McAfee
  • Ashley Boulet - Francesca Smith
  • Ashley Quinland - Rachel Crane
  • Hustler Kid - Michael Shulman
  • Menlo - Blake Ewing
  • Earwin Lawson - Erik von Detten
  • Gordy - Sam Gifaldi
  • Kid #1 - Klee Bragger
  • Kid #2 - Kath Soucie
  • Kid #4 - Justin Shenkarow
  • Kid #6 - Aria Noelle Curzon
  • Man - Gregg Berger

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