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Fortune Teller

As seen in Gus' Fortune, this particular paper fortune teller was blown off the ship, Strange Destiny, and it was picked up by the Recess Gang, despite protests from Butch. While T.J., Spinelli and Gretchen got good fortunes, Gus got an unfortunate one that told him that he only has two days to live.

At first, the fortunes are believed to be true, but are soon disproved, but not before Gus deploys his newest invention, the Giliminator 6000. In the end, the fortune teller is ripped up, never to cause trouble again.

Appearance and Traits

It is just a regular fortune teller, but amidst all the promises of riches and posterity, an unfortunate fortune can reer it's ugly head, and can cause some psychological impact, particularly if the other fortunes are seemingly proved right.


  • Another fortune teller similar to this one may have been picked up by Stinky Peterson.

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