Eddie is a fifth or sixth grade student of Third Street School, who has bully-like tendencies and is troublesome in nature.

He usually appears as a background character, and sometimes he is one of the fifth graders who is seen playing sports alongside Lawson and the rest of his friends. Eddie normally hangs out with Freddy (the future king of the playground) and the unnamed sixth grader who appeared in the episode "Jinxed" (from whom Gus took the notebook.)


He is tall, has dark hair, and athletic. He also wears a grey vest and wrist bands


Eddie-to finster with love

In the episode "Jinxed," Eddie is one of the spinners on the wheel. The wheel was used as a punishment for Gus ordered by King Bob for Gus' insolence. Later on he's seen standing next to the sixth grader who Gus has had problems with earlier in the episode, both of whom seemed remorseful for their part in Gus' misfortune.

In the episode "To Finster with Love," Eddie can be seen with Freddy and the unnamed sixth grade friend of his bullying Guru Kid.

He has another fairly large role in the episode "Me No Know," in which he is seen aggressively approaching Vince only for it to be revealed that he's quoting the same movie as everyone else.

He and his sixth grade friend are seen charging TJ a Mon-Sticker in "Economics of Recess" for laying down on the grass.

In the episode "Pharaoh Bob", Eddie was seen in the same class as King Bob, indicating that he might possibly be a sixth grader like King Bob. However, Freddy was also seen in that class, but he is in fifth grade as he became the new king of the playground after King Bob finished sixth grade and went on to middle school and so Eddie either could be a fifth grader, like Freddy, or a sixth grader, like King Bob.