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Earwin Lawson


Earwin Lawson
Third Street School fifth grade student (later sixth), school bully
Chucko Kowalski, Jocko, Buster, Cheay, Koreo, Menlo (formerly), Swinger Girl (formerly), Randall J. Weemes (formerly), Kurst The Worst (formerly), Greg Skeens (formerly)
Unnamed parents, unnamed older sister
First appearance:
Voice Actor:
Erik von Detton

Earwin Lawson (usually called by his surname) is the school bully, and the archenemy of the Recess Gang, more notably, T.J. and Vince. He's voiced by Erik von Detton.

Lawson with Menlot

Lawson With Menlo


Lawson is tall and skinny. He wears a light blue short-sleeved shirt with two red and one white stripes, blue jeans, black and white sneakers, and a blue baseball cap worn with the visor in front over his brown hair. He also has freckles on his cheeks.


His personality is akin to a bully jock. He is mean, rude, and competitive, and he is athletic, not to mention obnoxious and at times, ruthless. His blatant unoriginality has been seen on more than one occasion, and he does not seem to know much other than sports.

Lawson has appeared in many different episodes and could be refereed to a recurring nemesis for the Recess Gang, often causing trouble for them or insulting them. He was a major part of the 20 Minute Special episode "Lawson and his Crew" where he becomes jealous of T.J. and his crew getting all the glory for fixing thing in the playground and so he forms his own crew. His new crew consisted of the Snitch (Randall Weems), Swinger Girl (referred to as Swinger Kid by Menlo in the episode), Greg Skeens the Graffiti Kid, Kurst the Worst and Menlo himself.

Each member of Lawson's Crew members had the same job and position as and can be considered counterparts to each one of T.J.'s Crew: Randall being the Gus, Swinger Kid being the Spinelli, Skeens being the Vince, Kurst being the Mikey, Menlo being the Gretchen and Lawson himself being the ringleader, T.J.

His new gang all work well together through out the episode, managing to beat the Recess Gang in solving all the problems of the playground before they can. Problems they solve include: Getting the Diggers back together, 2 of the 6 members performing ballet on stage with each other, giving free ice cream to every one and saving the Library Kid.

Foreign Voice Actors

  • Spanish (Mexico): Jesus Perez-Tobas
  • Finnish: Juha Paananen
  • French: Serge Faliu
  • German: Robin Kahnmeyer
  • Japanese: Rica Matsumoto
  • Polish: Mariusz Oborski
  • Swedish: Calle Walderkrantz


  • The only time he calls Vince by his first name is at the end of Lawson and his Crew. He always calls him as "LaSalle."
  • Erik von Detten, Lawson's voice actor, also voiced another bully from Disney: Sid Phillips from Toy Story.
  • Lawson's appearance is T.J.'s appearance inverted. While T.J. is short and plump, Lawson is tall and lanky. Also, T.J. wears a red baseball hat facing the back, while Lawson wears a blue baseball hat facing the front. Both boys have brown hair and freckles, though T.J.'s hair is lighter.
  • Lawson's appearence could be based off Smitty from Dumbo. As they're both shaggy haired tall thin trouble makers who wear baseball hats. He may also be based of Lampwich from Pinocchio.

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