Big ol' mikey-dr. quilty

Dr. Quilty, Ph.D, is a civil servant from the Board of Education. She made two appearances, her first being the episode "Kids in the Mist" and second being the episode "Big Ol' Mikey."

In the former of the two, she made a video tape to show Superintendent Skinner about recess - focusing solely on the negative (i.e. Mikey and Gus falling of the climbing bar, Gretchen being chased by the Kindergartners, etc.) However, T.J. and the gang altered it with the best parts of Recess. Amusing the Superintendent and the Head of Quilty's Department.

In the latter of the two, she is one of the people standing near the lampost before a 50-foot Mikey attacks in his dream.


  • She has a PhD.

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