Dr. Phillium Benedict, Ph.D, was a character who makes his first and only appearance in the first Recess film, Recess: School's Out. He serves as the main antagonist of the film.

He was voiced by James Woods.


Back in '68, he used to wear a Brown Biker's Jacket, blue jeans, black shoes and black aviators. He used to have medium-long blond hair. In the present timeline of the first movie, he wore a black suit, blue shirt, dark blue tie and black leather shoes. He also had grey hear and a beard of the same color.


Phillium Benedict is the former principal of Third Street Elementary School & former Secretary of Education. He used to be the best friend of current principal Peter Prickly and the boyfriend of current groundskeeper Muriel Finster. Starting up in his first year as principal of Third Street Elementary during the Spring of 1968, he plans to abolish recess in order to keep students in their class to raise test scores. This doesn't seem to work well to anyone in campus (including Prickly and Finster) and many of the parents laid down a protest against the school unless recess is reinstated. Benedict refuses to give up his plan, leading to Prickly reporting to the Superintendent about the situation. Though the Superintendent assures the people that Benedict's plan will never be carried out in this district, Benedict still refuses to back down, leading the Superintendent to replace Benedict with Prickly as the new principal.

Benedict then assumes that Prickly told the Superintendent to get the job as principal, though Prickly states that he never intended to do such a thing. Benedict refuses to listen and broke up his friendship with him, leading Muriel to finally end her relationship with Benedict for his lack of understanding and his hatred of recess. Upon quitting his job as a teacher, Benedict swore revenge against Prickly (and by extension, Third Street School).

As Prickly explained to TJ, Benedict ultimately quit teaching and later went into politics, eventually becoming the Secretary of Education (working directly with the President). However, Benedict was eventually fired by the President for trying to get rid of recess again, only this time it was nationwide. Having failed for the last time, Benedict then plans to get rid of summer vacation ("the ultimate recess") by any means. To do so, he would have to alter the moon's orbit with a tractor beam on lunar perigee (the time when the moon is closest to the Earth in orbit) in order to create cold currents and icy climates. He believes that doing so will force students to remain inside to study during the summer, though it is inaccurate.

T.J. and Principal Prickly, who were captured by him when they tried to infiltrate, manage to escape, and they, along with the rest of the gang, Muriel, and the children, swarm into the auditorium, where Benedict plans to use his tractor beam. Prickly punches Benedict in the face, but as Benedict slumps, he triggers the beam and Prickly cannot reverse it. T.J. tosses his baseball to Vince, whose accurate aim destroys the machine. Benedict and his gang then get arrested by the police for what they did.


  • He is arguably the most evil character in Recess (surpassing Dr. Slicer). Whilst he does wish to alter the climate to stop summer vacation his motivation for doing so was to raise the educational levels of the nation, quite a noble motive. However, Benedict is very deluded and has a lack of common sense, as he doesn't realize that his plan to bring in permanent winter will only endanger billions of lives as opposed to raising test scores. Even when T.J. angrily pointed out the flaws of the plot before the final fight, Benedict didn't care and instead continued with his plot, saying that he still could try. Showing that raising test score is precious enough for him to commit major crimes.
  • Benedict caused the cold behavior of Principal Prickley and Miss Finster.
  • His ultimate goal is to be elected President of The United States.
  • Benedict is very similar to Hades from Hercules. Both villains are cruel, selfish, short tempered, and sarcastic. Ironically, both villains are voiced by James Woods.
    • coincidently in Latin America's dub is the same case, since the both Hades and Benedict are played by Ruben Trujillo.
  • In real life, a cooler climate would not be cause for elimination of summer vacation. The fact that a city with a polar climate such as Barrow, Alaska has a summer vacation is evidence of this.


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