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is a 24-hour digital cable and satelite network that serves as a sister network to Disney Channel. It was launched on February 13, 2009, replacing Toon Disney. All non-US Toon Disney markets have now become Disney XD. The network was a merge of Toon Disney and their former action block (which was taking up most of the channel space at the time), JETIX (which was it's own channel outside the US).

The channel targets males 6-18 (as Disney Channel seems to currently target females), and airs both animated and live-action programming, usually Disney XD Originals, Disney Channel Originals, One Saturday Morning/Disney Afternoon programs, or aquired programming. Most shows on the network have one or more male protagonists, such as Zeke and Luther and I'm in The Band, or are gender-neutral, like Recess. For a brief moment, new episodes of Phineas and Ferb would air on Disney XD first, despite being a Disney Channel Original Series, however new episodes have moved back to Disney Channel. Like Disney Channel, the network airs a number of Disney films as well.

Among many Disney fans, Disney XD recieves a lot of criticism, mainly for replacing Toon Disney.

Recess aired on the network from the time the network was formed until mid-2010, with it's timeslot replaced with I'm in the Band. Recess returned to Disney XD in October 2011, but was removed after four airings, along with Stitch!, which aired before it. The show continues to air on Disney XD in Germany, Poland, and Japan.

Recess: School's Out was shown on the channel a few times, usually in June, in time for the end of the school year. The DVD/VHS version of Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street was also shown near Christmas time.


  • Recess was the only non-Disney XD original (or Disney Channel original) to be part of Disney XD's on-demand service.


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