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Cornchip Girl
Cornchip Girl as she appears in The Army-Navy Game
Background information
Feature films
Voiced By Anndi McAfee (The Break In)
Francesca Smith (The Game)
Ashley Johnson (Weekend at Muriel's),
Aria Noelle Curzon (Rest of the Series)
Performance model
Created By Paul and Joe
Honors and awards
First Appearance The Break In
Last Appearance
Character information
Full name Teresa Laverne Lemaize
Other names Chippy
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
Personality Nice, Sweet, emotional, wise
Appearance Short height,short brown hair, white dress with a blue collar, skirt, black shoes.
Occupation Third Street School Student
Relatives Lt. Luke LaMaize (father)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Elder Brother (Mentioned in The Break In
Allies The Recess Gang (Gus Griswald, Mikey Blumberg, Ashley Spinelli, T.J. Detweiler, Gretchen Grundler, Vince LaSalle)
Likes Chip B-funk Crackers
Dislikes Havoc in the playground
Cornchip Girl (real name Teresa Laverne LeMaize) is a sweet, nice and loving Swiss-American girl who attends Third Street School.


Cornchip Girl is short and slender. She has short brown hair with bangs that goes down slightly before her shoulders. She usually wears a white dress with a blue collar and skirt, along with black shoes.


Cornchip Girl is a very sweet and somewhat emotional seven-year-old girl. She is close friends with the Recess Gang, especially with Gus. In The Army-Navy Game, she kept her friendship with Gus a secret due to her dad being a rival of his dad in the military, but everything is worked out by the end of the episode. She originally started out as a background character in the show, but by season three, she became a more prominent character. Her nickname most probably comes from her throwing corn-chips behind King Bob whenever he goes by, and offering him some at his throne. She usually speaks in a quiet voice, and can be shy sometimes.


Starting from "The Army-Navy Game," she's been shown to hold a crush on Gus, which can be seen in various other episodes. She always appears to be closer to him than any other member of the group, which also shows this. It's semi-confirmed in the Japanese title for the episode, "Gus' Girlfriend."


  • In the first recording for "The Break In" (before the animation was done for the pilot), her name was "Frito Girl." Her name was changed due to legal reasons. In the second recording (used in the final version of the pilot and the episode itself), she wasn't refered to by name.
  • Her name wasn't revealed until "The Bet", two seasons after her debut.
  • Her age and grade has been debated amongst fans. She appears with the kindergarteners in "One Stayed Clean," but an earlier scene in the episode shows her running away from them, making some to believe that the former scene was an error or that she was a first/second Grader just hanging around in the Jungle Gym. She appears to be younger than the fourth grade students, and also never appeared in Miss Grotke's class or any group scenes with only fourth graders, confirming that she's not in their grade. Most fans place her in the first or second grade.
  • Maize is a word for Corn, thus the name Cornchip Girl.
  • Because of her frequent inclusion within the Recess Gang in later episodes, she's considered by fans to be the gang's "unofficial seventh member."
  • Cornchip Girl is one of the few students who doesn't appear in Recess: School's Out.
  • According to "The Break In", Cornchip Girl has an older brother. He has never been seen in the show, mentioned by name, not is he ever mentioned after that episode.

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