C Kid
Cockney Kid is a minor character of in Recess. He is a student of Third Street School who is from England and speaks with a cockney accent. first appearing in the episode "Prince Randall", where he got thrown into the dungeon for not bringing in any candy for Prince Randall because he gave the last bit of candy to his little sister. He also appeared in "The Terrifying Tales of Recess" where he and two fellow mates of his (who were also from London, England) helped Gus (who was dressed up as Sherlock Holmes) and the rest of the Recess Gang capture and defeat Cornchip Girl in the form of a werewolf. In all other episodes, he remains a cameo. He is voiced by E.G. Daily. He is also mentioned in "Officer Mikey". Spinelli sold him her sandwich.


  • Cockney Kid's appearance is very similar to that of Pip from South Park because he is from England, going to school in the United States of America and because he wears an old English hat as well.